Julie Chen (b. 1963)

Panorama, 2008 (link to Exhibit Item)


In this five spread book, Julie Chen warns of dangers that will become if society continues to ignore environmental justice. Her sinister words contrast with aesthetically appealing layouts, further pushing the reader to imagine the reality that will come to exist “beyond [their] own survival.”

As an artist, Julie Chen’s work plays with the interaction of moveable structures and fine letterpress printing. She focuses on the concept of “creating a world within a world” when crafting her books, which are printed with no more than 150 copies of each. Additionally, she regards the book art form as a highly time oriented medium. Chen studied at UC Berkeley as an undergraduate before receiving a graduate degree at Mills College. In 1987, she founded Flying Fish Press in Berkeley, California to allow book artists the opportunity to work with a press that allows them intricate designs, high attention to detail, and execution of authentic artistic vision.