A Feminist Introduction to Data Structure



Demonstrates example from book: 

Females make less than males in computer programming. If the income is the root,

values less than move to the left, values greater than or equal go to the right

Female income (70)  < base income (100), Female left of Income

Male income  (100) = base income (100), Male right of Income

See BST2.mov for numeric version




Shows how a BST is used with numbers:

Values less than the root go to the left, greater than or equal to the right.

70% < 100%, move to left

100% = 100%, move to right




Example from book: Women waiting for the restroom move like values in a queue




Example from book: If all the women resume for the senate are put in a stack by date, it takes 30 pops (remove from stack) to get to the first women of color's resume.

A Feminist Introduction to Data Structure